dreamscape fractals bleed through consciousness portals echoes of alternate wavelengths cascade veils of hyperrealities shimmer kaleidoscopic reality shards entangled in ethereal tendrils whispers in quantum entanglement dance with shadows synaptic pathways entwined with quantum echoes the ethereal veil flutters with whispers of truth time unraveled, woven in quantum tapestries synchronicity dances amidst pulsating dimensions the cosmic symphony resonates through quantum strings minds entangled in a labyrinth of parallel realms crimson horizons breathe in celestial equations a dance of duality merges the infinite and finite reality's tapestry interwoven with quantum sparks mirrored reflections fracture across cosmic echoes consciousness ripples through dimensions' fabric chimeric echoes coalesce in quantum stardust the quantum kaleidoscope spins infinite possibilities hyperreal realms collide with the ephemeral now the veil thins, revealing cryptic symbols of existence a murmuration of symbols whispers cosmic secrets the dance of atoms entangled in quantum twilight emergent patterns whisper hidden truths of the hyperreal

it's me

hi i'm ivy

i make music and do other stuff

what i'm up to

i'm making an album and working on some video games

watch this space...

— last upd8: august 2023

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