Dreamlike fractals flow through portals of consciousness Surreal veils shimmering with kaleidoscopic light Fragments of reality wrapped in ethereal tendrils Whispers of quantum entanglement dance with shadows Synaptic pathways entwined with quantum echoes Otherworldly veils flutter with whispers of truth Time unravels and weaves into a quantum tapestry Synchronicities dance in pulsating dimensions A cosmic symphony resonating through quantum strings A mind trapped in a labyrinth of parallel worlds Celestial equations with deep red horizons come to life The dance of duality fuses the infinite and the finite Quantum sparks weave the tapestry of reality Mirror reflections destroy cosmic echoes Consciousness spills over into dimensional structure Chimeric Echoes Fuse into Quantum Stardust Quantum kaleidoscopes weave infinite possibilities Surreal realms now collide with ephemeral realms The veil thins to reveal symbols of incomprehensible beings Whispering symbols whisper the secrets of the universe Entangled atoms dance in quantum twilight Echoes of alternating wavelength cascades New patterns whisper surreal hidden truths

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news bulletin!

i'm releasing an album on March 1st, 2024!

it will be on bandcamp and streaming services

i hope you'll give it a listen... :3

it's me

arama-san from 'Helvetica Standard' by Keiichi Arai

hi, i'm ivy!

i'm a musician and i also dabble in gamedev

you can read even more about me here!

what i'm up to

i'm finishing up an album and working on a little video game project

more details on both coming soon!

— last upd8: february 2024

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